Vjosa Park Kombëtar


Europe´s 1st Wild River National Park

The Vjosa and its tributaries are without par in Europe (outside Russia). Thus, this river landscape needs to be protected by the highest possible nature protection category – a national park according to the standards of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Together with the local community, scientists and the support from all over Albania, we want to make it happen.

We are aiming to make the Vjosa, Europe’s first Wild River National Park, safeguarding the entire ecosystem including the watershed, tributaries, and floodplains, and the inhabiting wildlife. Only this designation would permanently prevent dam projects and other development within the protected area and would make a significant contribution to the EU Green Deal and Biodiversity Strategy.

With national elections on 25 April 2021, Albanian and international nature conservation groups are calling on the public and political leaders to enshrine the future of the Vjosa and make this wild river national park a major priority for any winning party.

A National Park would not only benefit the wildlife but also the people of the Vjosa valley and the potential for sustainable socio-economic development. In the future, thousands of tourists from all over Europe will come to visit this last wild river. A recent opinion poll shows that 94 per cent of Albanian people are in favour of establishing this wild river national park.